“London is open. Borough Market is open.”

I was quite shaken by the recent attacks at Borough Market. It’s a market that’s so familiar and so close to home. A simple place run by innocent honest people.

All the makings of a happy space with plenty to eat and drink, titbits and tasters of various fresh produce… persistent traders insisting you try out their homemade chutneys, jams, cheeses and all in a background of live music, sunshine and gelatos.

I have had a blast in all my visits, and always come back home with a bounty from the market and a happy tummy, once I discovered the tiny hole in a the wall shop for presumably the best grilled cheese sandwich in London.

A tiny shop for one of the best grilled cheese sandwich in London.
 Rounds of golden molten cheese.
Recipe for the perfect raclette. Worth ever second of the wait in queue.
Blooming flowers, herbs and planters… sometimes I miss having a little garden. London is the perfect city for it. There is something to grow in every season.


It’s interesting to know the provenance of the produce. A small family run farm, and a new ‘shire’ to discover.


One a penny… two a penny.
One thing I have noticed in London is that places are peppered with these seemingly random things…. like this barbershop inside the veggie market. Blending it with the greens.
My walk ends with Turkish delights and a sweet melody to go with it!


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