I have embarked on a beautiful and seemingly never ending journey of creating minimal illustrations of the many avatars of David Bowie. I started with the series of Kansai Yamamoto’s Ziggy Stardust costumes, and it just got so addictive after that.

And now after moving to Brixton, the birthplace of the legend himself, it only seems fitting to keep the fire burning!

bowie 2 copyThe Cat from Japan

Cape from Japan brick wallThe Cape from Japan

eyeforlondonprints bowie new 4The Tiger Lives Forever

Bowie Space Samurai 5Bowie Space Samurai

bowie unionjack5Never Look Back ( Alexander McQueen)

eyeforlondonprints bowie stripes 4The 70’s Ziggy

bowie goblin king 3Goblin King

bowie ashes 3Blue Clown Bowie

Bowie Lazaraus 3Bowie ‘Lazarus’

For more: http://www.eyeforlondonprints.etsy.com

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