When Lorna and Kay approached me to design a logo for their new brand of furnishings, I took to the streets of East London for inspiration.


‘Bedlam and Boss’ A creative husband- wife team, wanted me to create a logo that brought alive both their personalities.

Lorna, the wise half. Kay, the wild and crazy.

Oh, and also they were a big fan of Steampunk!

I came across a beautiful mural by Alexis Diaz in the streets of Brick Lane. It filled me with Lovecraftian ideas, and after banging out loads of sketches, I came up with the ‘Owlthulu’



In Lorna’s own words

“Mats, annihilated the design from the outset. She completely slayed us with her design and there was very little we changed to the original design. It really captured the spirit of our brief to a tee. Mats was brilliant with communicating with us and went above and beyond with changes- many of which were miniscule!! After the final she has continued to be helpful. She is a brilliant designer and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again. We love our design!!!”

– Lorna Jordan-Kay

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